Rimma Mann, BBA – President, Certified as MWBE

Rimma Mann graduated Baruch College in 2008 with a bachelor in business administration degree in Finance. Rima joined the family business after graduation as a Project Manager and quickly excelled in managing all aspects of the business. Rimma currently acts as the company President, where she oversees all company projects and provides support to project managers and employees.

Rimma is in charge of purchasing functions of the company. Negotiates with subcontractors and suppliers in order to obtain the best fit for each project and client. Rimma also works closely with clients to understand their needs and monitor the completion of projects. As a president of the company Rimma has earned and maintained her OSHA-10/ OSHA-30 training certificates, Certificate of Fitness for Torch Use of Flammable Gases and Certificate of Fire Guard for Torch Operations.


Ruslan Galyanurov – VP/Project Executive

Ruslan oversees all company projects. He remains personally involved in all aspects of a business, ensuring all projects are completed and beyond client expectations. As one of the partners, he is always making the time to give personal attention to every client and displaying honest, high-quality work. He’s in charge of estimating and sales, bidding projects, as well as managing projects, budgeting and ordering equipment.

Ruslan also has an extensive HVAC background with more than 15 years of experience. He ensures proper administration of contracts and controls construction schedules and associated costs to achieve project completion on time and within budget.


Rafik Galyanurov - VP/Project Executive

Rafik Galyanurov, as one of the partners, is in charge of estimating and sales. He has an extensive HVAC background and has more than 15 years of experience. He’s in charge of estimating and sales as well as customized HVAC equipment and projects. Rafik works closely with clients on projects and any other aspects of the business.

Rafik is one of the pioneers of new technology maintenance-free energy efficient exhaust fans in the HVAC industry. He has been successful in working with clients to achieve maximum rebates through Con Edison’s energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs. He works closely with our suppliers to create the most efficient installations possible, including custom designing direct drive fans.


Rustam Galyanurov – Design/Project Executive

Rustam Galyanurov started as a HVAC mechanic 15 years ago and through his professionalism and knowledge of the HVAC and sheet metal field has advanced to Project Executive. His thorough knowledge of the HVAC industry helps GRR Cooling to realize that not every project fits neatly into a HVAC service category.

Rustam works directly with clients, engineers and architects on special HVAC projects. Rustam is responsible for ductwork design and shop drawings, scheduling, meeting with clients, working directly with engineers and architects on special customized projects. His speciality is working on complicated projects with a tight time frame. He thrives under pressure while working on complicated projects with tight timeframes. The more complicated the project, the more Rustam enjoys to work with it, though it doesn’t stop him from being grumpy during the project.