Family-owned business

GRR Cooling Experts Inc. has been operating as a family-owned business in the commercial, institutional, and industrial HVAC industry since 2008. In total, our partners have over forty years of experience in the industry.

We have a driven focus to provide specialized HVAC systems for a wide range of installations including those requiring precise temperature and humidity controls.

We have operated in many of the largest hospitals and universities in the New York City metro area.


Modern technologies

GRR Cooling Experts has seen continued growth over the last few years as we have focused on retrofitting installations to increase efficiencies to today’s modern standards.

The company is now a leader in creating efficiencies in retrofitted and custom applications. Our project managers have been successful in working with clients to achieve maximum rebates through Con Edison’s energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs.

We work closely with our suppliers to create the most efficient installations possible, including custom designing direct drive fans.

Our responsibility - client satisfaction

Our success is ultimately predicated on our customer satisfaction. A status gained through solid product engineering, customized applications and first rate service both during and after installation.

GRR Cooling Experts is dedicated to providing the best installation and maintenance services possible. Whether it is a complete HVAC upgrade or emergency maintenance servicing, GRR Cooling Experts will be there to provide high quality, efficient and timely solutions customized to any job.

If you are looking for HVAC installations or maintenance that goes above and beyond, look no further than GRR Cooling Experts.